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The heartbeat of Green Clover

Research conducted at Columbia University found the average Hollywood blockbuster creates around 4,000 metric tons of CO2. It’s a shift in mindset that is required to help the industry become more resourceful.

There is a disconnect between purpose built sets & sustainability. Green Clover is designed to be the lynchpin – bridging this gap and actively exhibiting the alternative to short term thinking.

So, what can be repurposed?
As it turns out, most things.

The green clover philosophy


The entire Green Clover philosophy centres on the prevention and minimisation of unnecessary waste.

Our ethos is that innovative design and intelligent use of materials can significantly increase sustainability and eliminate all but a residual fraction of waste.


Green Clover are committed to intervening in the lifecycle of products before they are discarded as waste. Through our carefully developed re-purposing techniques, we are industry leaders in the capture of materials which may otherwise be discarded and incorporating them into our inventory as products to support our design and construction operations.

What are the repurposing options?

We’ve refined the repurposing process to create three    eco friendly outcomes:

Prop Hire & Scenery hire anything that still has a use is added to our Prop & Scenery hire section of the business.

Consumables through repurposing we offer a vast range of new & salvaged consumables. In addition to this, we accrue surplus items from productions and redistribute them. 

Repurpose Cycle items that cannot be reused in their current form are repurposed into raw materials.

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Environmental Audit

Green Clover is able to provide bespoke client reports that clearly outline how materials have been repurposed. This is key to companies that have undertaken sustainability pledges. There is also evidence to support that stronger measures will be implemented within the entertainment industry to ensure companies ‘do more’ when it comes to the environment.

you can find our extensive of repurposed materials here

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