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The very beginning of our journey came in the form of Prop & Set Construction .

Over the years we’ve been fine-tuning our craft and delivering to productions all across the UK.

All shapes. All sizes.

In this contemporary age, we’ve managed to retrofit our eco-friendly approach to our already existing model. Meaning that we aim to include as much repurposed material as possible.

In fact, our construction work is only able to commence after rigorous vetting of the materials required. We are able to construct full-scale sets at our onsite workshops – all heated with our own bio-fuel, of course.

As the construction and transportation hubs sit onsite, it means we can get your items to you without any logistical nightmares or unforeseen delays.

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We’ve a vibrant bunch, but we don’t mean that energy.

Our workshops are soon to be entirely powered by converted energy from solar panels. No power from the grid, no damaging fossil fuels.


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